Hygetropin HGH 100IU kit – 10 vials x 10IU


Each kit contains 10 x 10iu ( Somatropin 3.33mg) vials

Hygetropin is Human Growth Hormone ( Somatropin rDNA 191 aa ) of the highest strength and purity. Its 191 amino acid sequence is identical to the body’s naturally produced Human Growth Hormone.

Direct from the Hygene BioPharm lab ( Never restored in another location )

As low as $255 when you buy 5 kits. 

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Get this kit for as low as $255 when you buy 5 kits or more.

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What’s in the box

The Hygetropin HGH 100IU kit comes with 10 vials, each containing 10IU, or 3.33mg, of Somatropin rDNA.

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Verify the authenticity of your kit. Scratch off the anti-counterfeit sticker and enter in the serial number on the manufacturer web site: hygetropin.cn.

Learn more about the manufacturer and the inventor of Hygetropin and TurboVital, Dr. Lei Jin.

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Somatropin 191aa amino acid


10IU x 10 vials – 100IU Kit Recombinant Human Growth Hormone


Subcutaneous injection




Lyophilized powder


Yellow top lid with tribal design


Life extension: 1-2IU / day, Body building: 4-8 IU / day




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  1. Christina

    I’m in my mid-50s and I am on HGH for life since I recovered from a hip replacement with the help of the peptide. I also cannot afford the price of prescription HGH from my doctor. It was actually my doctor who recommended I import my own HGH from abroad and was the one who pointed out that Hygetropin.cn was the brand Chinese olympians used as a performance enhancer during the Beijing summer olympics. If it’s good enough for them, it’s definitely good enough for me!

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