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If you want to buy HGH, you've come to the right place.

Searching the Internet, looking for quality HGH, you'll by now have found that it's a minefield out there. You don't know what you're buying and you don't know who you're buying it from. All the sites look great, have great prices and good testimonials. The best connection to good quality product has always been word of mouth; a person you know who has done his homework and has found a good source he can recommend. The problem is that most people don't like to talk about the fact that they buy these products in the first place. That leaves you with two options: 1. Buy expensive big pharma HGH with a prescription. 2. Take the time to educate yourself; both on the internet and talking to your friends. Affordable, high quality HGH does exist and is available online.

There are many sites on the internet selling low quality and fake HGH from Chinese manufacturers. A recent survey concluded that up to 90% of Chinese Generic HGH is fake; often containing such ingredients as HCG or Albumin. Because it is so cheap and easy to copy a vial with some white powder in it and because it is easy to make a nice looking website by copying text and images from the real sites, it is difficult to trust anything out there.

Hygetropin has a great reputation for offering quality and purity at a great price. As a result, it has been copied and rebranded countless times by such companies as hygetropinpro.com and hygetropin.com.cn.

Hygetropin was originally founded by Dr. Lin who was the chief chemist responsible for the creation of the stable 191 amino acid sequence in Hygetropin. After a fall out with his partners in 2006 / 2007, Dr. Lin left to market his own Hygetropin. He owned the original Hygetropin domain www.hygetropin.cn, which he took with him.

www.shop-hgh.com launched in 2013. We are your direct connection to Dr. Lin's lab and we are officially endorsed by hygetropin.cn as their only online partner.

  • We want to be THE trusted site for anyone wanting to purchase Hygetropin online. We ONLY sell Hygetropin from hygetropin.cn for that very purpose.
  • We want to offer our customers unparalleled service.
  • We want to educate our customers about what they are buying and what they are putting in their bodies. Giving our customers all the information they need to make an educated choice. If, after they've read everything on this site, they still choose to buy elsewhere, at least we know they will buy smarter.
  • We only sell quality HGH.
  • We sell HGH at good prices.
  • We offer our customers easy payment and shipping options. Regardless of which country you reside in, our parcels are small and discreet and have a high success rate going through any customs office.
  • We offer a 100% guarantee that if your parcel doesn't arrive, we will send you a second parcel at no charge. We cannot return you your money BUT we are so certain that our parcel will arrive safely on your doorstep, we will swallow the loss and send you the complete order one more time.

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